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  • 12 Nov 2020 9:23 AM | Wauchope Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc (Administrator)

    The state’s peak business organisation, Business NSW, says an initiative from the State Government to simplify the planning process and move it online answers a loud call from the business community.

    The new e-planning process is part of a more than $40 million investment to cut red tape and expedite approvals.

    “The loud cheer you can hear is from the NSW business community who have been frustrated for decades by the slow turnaround and cumbersome repetition of information required when lodging applications,” said Business NSW Regional Manager Kellon Beard.

    “In fact, as recently as September, we called for priority to be given by Councils to those applications that would create local jobs as we try and work our way out of the pandemic,” Mr Beard said.

    “It’s refreshing to see the Government responding to legitimate and balanced proposals from the business community and responding accordingly.

    “In our economic recovery blueprint Back on Track, released earlier this year, allowing businesses to grow was a central plank of our reform agenda.

    “Online lodgement and faster approvals will also provide certainty around investment, expansion and employment which is crucial to a business owner at any time, but particularly in the current economic climate.

    “Councils have a huge role to play in the economic recovery of their areas, and those that have already embraced the e-gateway are receiving the benefits of greater investment and prosperity.

    “This new planning pathway is not limited to business development applications – it also includes residential development, providing greater transparency about what is proposed in local communities.

    “Streamlining Government services and agencies as part of the application process will remove the frustration of providing the same information multiple times – saving both time and money,” Mr Beard said.

    About Business NSW

    Formerly the NSW Business Chamber, Business NSW is the peak policy and advocacy body which has been representing businesses in NSW since 1826.

  • 06 Nov 2020 11:08 AM | Wauchope Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc (Administrator)

    The state’s peak business organisation, Business NSW, says Payroll Tax relief as part of the upcoming State Budget will be a huge boost for job creation across the state.

    The NSW Government has announced the Budget will feature a Jobs Plus Program, which will include Payroll Tax relief up to a four-year period for every new job created where a business has created at least 30 new net jobs.

    “As part of our pre-Budget submission we advocated for payroll tax relief on newly created jobs,” said Business NSW Regional Manager Kellon Beard. 

    “We are pleased the Government has listened and will deliver a much-needed boost to jobs to drive a business-led recovery,” Mr. Beard said. 

    “As we move into the next phase of recovery, we need to identify ways to supercharge parts of the economy able to absorb spare economic capacity. 

    “Payroll tax is a barrier to job creation and the Jobs Plus Program will remove one of the biggest barriers for employers looking to expand or relocate to NSW. 

    “Importantly, this policy will also address the frictions that normally come when establishing or growing operations in NSW. 

    “Part of this package includes assistance with the NSW planning system which will include fast track approvals. 

    “We know the planning system has previously represented a barrier to business expansion which is why fast-tracked planning approval pathways is so crucial,” Mr. Beard said. 

    About Business NSW

    Formerly the NSW Business Chamber, Business NSW is the peak policy and advocacy body which has been representing businesses in NSW since 1826.

  • 27 Oct 2020 11:40 AM | Wauchope Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc (Administrator)

    The state’s peak business organisation, Business NSW, believes NSW is getting back on track, with its quarterly Business Conditions Survey revealing the first bounce in business confidence in a year.

    The survey shows business perceptions about the performance of the NSW economy rebounded strongly from the record low recorded in June.

    “The outlook has also improved, with businesses expecting further lifts in the economy for the remainder of 2020,” said Business NSW Regional Manger Kellon Beard.

    “The strong bounce in business confidence is a welcome boost and gives a big tick to government decisions that have backed a business-led recovery,” Mr Beard said.

    “It should also give governments confidence that their policy responses – such as providing support to make it easier for employers to protect jobs and easing restrictions on trade – are working.

    “However, while fewer businesses are scaling back their capital spending and staffing levels, fewer businesses are in a position to expand.

    “That is why Business NSW is calling on the NSW Government to continue the jobs push by announcing a payroll tax rebate in next month’s Budget.

    “The survey also examined some of the factors common to businesses most affected by COVID-19.

    “While business services, hospitality and tourism businesses have been heavily impacted overall, business performance in these industries varies dramatically depending on location and type of customers serviced.

    “Unemployment is one of the areas highlighted by the survey that remains an issue for the region, with the Mid North Coast and the Coffs Grafton areas, recording the highest unemployment in the State.

    “Whilst business confidence across the entire Mid North Coast is rated as average, reducing the unemployment rate will have a positive impact on business.

    “While many businesses are about to enter a difficult period as support measures are tapered back, its promising to see a strong foundation for recovery emerging in NSW,” Mr Beard said.

    About Business NSW

    Formerly the NSW Business Chamber, Business NSW is the peak policy and advocacy body which has been representing businesses in NSW since 1826.

  • 13 Oct 2020 9:00 AM | Wauchope Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc (Administrator)

    The state’s peak business organisation, Business NSW, says the easing of social-distancing restrictions on outdoor dining is a common-sense approach that will be appreciated by the business community.

    The decision has been made to move to one person per two square metres in outdoor dining venues, commencing from Friday.

    “This is something that Business NSW has been advocating for some time and we’re pleased the Government has supported our efforts in helping business owners grow their customer base,” said Business NSW Regional Manager Kellon Beard.

    “Businesses naturally have to play by the rules in terms of their COVIDSafe plans and have QR registration capacities in place, but will relish the opportunity to attract more customers, especially as the weather is getting warmer and encouraging more outdoor dining on the Mid North Coast.

    “The NSW Government has also announced that up to 500 people will be allowed to attend outdoor seated music performances, subject to the 4-square-metre rule.

    “This will help kick start the live music scene that has been heavily impacted by this pandemic,” Mr Beard said.

    About Business NSW

    Formerly the NSW Business Chamber, Business NSW is the peak policy and advocacy body which has been representing businesses in NSW since 1826.

  • 01 May 2020 3:38 PM | Wauchope Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc (Administrator)

    Three quarters of NSW business owners believe their operations will survive the COVID-19 crisis, according to a flash poll conducted by the state’s peak business organisation, Business NSW.

    The survey was conducted as part of a Tele Town Hall event involving NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet, which had more than 3000 businesses on the line from across NSW.

    Asked whether they believe that their business would survive the current crisis, 72 per cent of respondents answered yes, while another 23 per cent said they were unsure. Just 5 per cent believed their business would be forced to close.

    “These are very high numbers considering the impact the virus and the restrictions have had on businesses of all types and in all locations” said Business NSW Regional Manager Kellon Beard.

    “The optimism and ‘can do’ attitude of business owners and their employees has never surprised me; however, this has been the ultimate test of their endurance and perseverance,” Mr Beard said.

    “NSW is the engine room of the national economy and with the swift support of the Federal and State Governments many businesses believe that they will survive, which is great news.

    “The Treasurer too was heartened by these figures, and by the grit and resilience being shown by the business operators on the call – their determination to continue operations, paying their staff and supporting their communities was there for all to hear and see.

    “Of course, the big challenge for businesses will be in coming months when our way of life slowly starts to return to a new normal and the harsh reality of their true financial position becomes clear after government subsidies end for them and for their customers. 

    “That’s why it is so important for everyone to continue to follow the directions of Government health authorities and obey the restrictions in place.

    “Business owners fully appreciate that the best way for them to return to normal, or in fact, the new normal, is by flattening, and then wiping out the curve.

    “Business NSW has advocated for business owners and their staff to immediately download the COVIDSafe App and to then push for a staged re-opening of regional towns with no cases of the virus, which would allow businesses in those towns to start trading again sooner and provide much needed employment for these hard hit regional areas” Mr Beard said.

    Formerly the NSW Business Chamber, Business NSW is the peak policy and advocacy body which has been representing businesses in NSW since 1826.

  • 30 Mar 2020 10:20 AM | Wauchope Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc (Administrator)

    The Boosting Female Founders Initiative (the program) will run over three years from 2020-21 to 2022-23. The program is part of the Women's Economic Security Package, which helps to support more Australian women into work and supports Australia's international obligations under the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). The program will provide targeted support on a co-contribution basis to female founders of startup businesses (startups) to launch and scale their businesses into domestic and global markets.

    The Australian Government has announced a total of $18 million. For this round, $6 million is available.

    The objectives of the program are to:

    • stimulate private sector investments into innovative startups led by women
    • help female entrepreneurs overcome the disadvantages they face in getting access to finance and support to grow their startups
    • enable female founders to scale-up, expand into domestic and global markets, and become self-sufficient
    • boost the economy through increasing the diversity of startup founders.

    The intended outcomes of the program are:

    • increased number of startups founded by women
    • new products and services are brought to market by startups founded by women
    • increased financial investment in startups founded by women
    • women improve their earning potential through entrepreneurship
    • increased job creation and economic growth.

    The grants will be available on a co-contribution basis, in two tiers as follows:

    Tier one - $25,000 to $100,000 ($140,000 if you meet additional requirements)

    Tier two - $100,001 to $400,000 ($480,000 if you meet additional requirements)

    The grant amount will be up to 50 per cent of eligible project costs - unless you can meet additional requirements (see the grant opportunity guidelines for further information).

    You are responsible for the remaining eligible project expenditure plus any ineligible expenditure. Contributions to your project must be cash. You may seek contributions from private investors and industry partners.

    The grant opportunity will be delivered through a two-stage competitive selection process due to the expected high demand for this program. You will first apply for an EOI. If successful, you will be invited to submit a Stage Two grant application.

    Find out more here: https://www.business.gov.au/Grants-and-Programs/Boosting-Female-Founders

  • 26 Feb 2020 12:55 PM | Wauchope Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc (Administrator)

    26 FEBRUARY 2020 - The state’s peak business organisation, the NSW Business Chamber, has changed its name to Business NSW.

    “The new name and identity builds upon our proud 194-year history and reflects our role as the peak policy and advocacy body representing businesses in NSW,” said Business NSW Mid North Coast Regional Manager, Kellon Beard.

    “As we continue to strive to ensure NSW remains the place to do business in Australia, Business NSW will continue to advocate on issues that are important for business, and those which hinder the ability of business owners to maximise their potential and create jobs for their fellow Australians,” Mr Beard said.

    “As we have in the past, Business NSW will continue to publicly campaign and to work directly with government, stakeholders and the media on behalf of business owners, their employees and the broader community.

    “Through our regional offices spread across the State, Business NSW will also continue to work directly with local businesses and local chambers of commerce to ensure that they can access local support from someone who truly understands their region and who has relevant expertise.

    “Recently, we launched the Backing the Bush campaign which is calling on city-based businesses to pledge to take one Board, management or staff meeting that would normally be held in the city to a bushfire or drought affected part of NSW, with more than 110 companies already pledging to do so.

    “However, we want to do more, achieve more and be more to all businesses across NSW, now and into the future, and our new name and identify will allow us to further build our presence and influence across the State.

    “In the coming month, we will also launch Business Australia, a nationwide free-to-join membership-based organisation.

    “Business Australia will offer advice, support, products and services to all businesses operating in and entering Australia.

    “This is an exciting time for our organisation as we launch two new brands aimed at helping businesses grow and thrive as we continue working on behalf of businesses of all sizes to build an even better and stronger community.

    “The launch of our two new brands, Business NSW and Business Australia, follows more than two years of member and stakeholder research, insight and analysis by the NSW Business Chamber,” Mr Beard said.

    Kellon Beard

    Regional Manager, Mid North Coast, NSW Business Chamber

  • 26 Feb 2020 11:53 AM | Wauchope Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc (Administrator)


    The 2020 Infrastructure Priority List released by Infrastructure Australia contains very few new ideas, but does suggest plenty of room for progress, according to the State’s peak business organization, Business NSW.

    Including new priorities and those already on the list from previous years, there are 63 priorities on the list that are entirely in NSW, or are national priorities that would partly occur within NSW.

    “The list identifies dozens of NSW projects which are in development.  However, it highlights the need for projects in NSW to move off the drawing board and into implementation,” said Business NSW Regional Manager Kellon Beard.

    “We aren’t lacking in ideas to improve NSW’s infrastructure.  What we need are investment decisions from Government and its partners,” Mr Beard said

    “Business NSW is concerned that, just because this State is ahead of other States and Territories and has already funded some of its projects, the Commonwealth should not view NSW as already fully catered for.

    “With our growing population and increasing demands on infrastructure, NSW is in a position where we needs to run as fast as we can just to stand still.  Without further funding for major projects in the years to come, NSW and the greater Sydney region will fall behind competitor regions in Australia and around the world.

    “The Infrastructure Priority List added several nationwide strategies with relevance to NSW, including high priority initiatives for a National Water Strategy and a Town and City Water Strategy, as well as regional telecommunications coverage and regional road improvements.

    “The broadening scope of the Priority List is welcome.  It is important for officials to remember that infrastructure isn’t just about high-profile big city projects.  Regional NSW has been suffering the impacts of drought for several years.

    “Governments need to do more to support commercial activity in the regions. Improving water supply and efficiency will help protect vulnerable businesses from the worst effects the next time drought conditions set in.

    “In a year that has seen drought, bushfires and flooding, the List’s emphasis on resilience in infrastructure is timely. It will be important for Governments to convert these plans from high-level strategy to concrete proposals in the months to come” Mr Beard said.

    About Business NSW

    Formerly the NSW Business Chamber, Business NSW is the peak policy and advocacy body which has been representing businesses in NSW since 1826.

    Regional Manager, Mid North Coast

  • 31 Jan 2020 7:38 AM | Lisa McPherson (Administrator)

    The NSW Government would like to hear from anyone that has the capability and capacity to provide goods and/or services in bushfire affected regions. We are establishing a supplier list that covers any goods or services, including those not available on our whole of government arrangements.

    Everyone is welcome to apply here. If you have any additional enquiries please contact NSW Procurement on 1800 679 289.

    The NSW Government would like you to register your interest in providing urgent works in a range of goods and/or services as part of the bushfire recovery program.

    Registration as a supplier entails completion of a straightforward online questionnaire that includes rates for services. Everyone is welcome to apply to be registered at https://tenders.nsw.gov.au/?event=public.scheme.show&RFTUUID=B9A30F09-99EC-D33A-810D5B89C5B8A71C

    Tender name

    Bushfire-Affected Communities Rebuild Portal


    Ref No.


    Closing date

    23 January 2022 12pm NSW


    NSW Government

    Contract Period:


    Service location(s)

    Regional NSW

    Web document Location:


    Key points of note:

    Scheme Details

    Due to the recent bushfires, the NSW Government would like to hear from anyone that may have capability and capacity to provide goods and/or services in affected regions. The government is establishing a supplier list that covers any goods or services; including those not currently available under whole of government arrangements.


    The purpose of this portal is to connect government buyers with regional suppliers and vice versa. It assists buyers to give first preference to appropriate local suppliers based in affected regions. Any information gathered through this portal that is not commercial-in-confidence will be publicly available on the Procurepoint website so that everyone can access it.


    The Applicant must identify its areas of substantial expertise by nominating the categories in which it is seeking prequalification.

    Agency, government or private buyer

    • If you are a buyer please select this capability.

    Building works, associated trades and materials

    • Such as construction, repair, maintenance, electrical, plumbing, landscaping, pest control, remediation, road works, rail services, facilities management, waste removal, associated trades and materials.


    • Medical and related services to maintain health and well-being. For example, medical professionals, social support and assistance.


    • Accommodation providers such as hotels and motels.
    • Provision of hospitality goods or services such as food, beverages, household items, furniture and other retail products.

    Native wildlife

    • Native animal welfare and related services for wildlife.


    • Other goods and services not covered on the list above.

  • 20 Jan 2020 8:22 PM | Lisa McPherson (Administrator)

    A fabulous evening was spent at Bago Maze and Winery for the first Wauchope Chamber Catch up of 2020. Members and guests lost and then found themselves in the maze while getting to know fellow business colleagues along the way. 

    Over nibbles, attendees heard about the work of Chamber and the two subcommittees of the Motorcycle Friendly Town Wauchope and Creative Wauchope followed by the Heritage Riverwalk project which is anticipated to start the installation phase in the very near future. Check out some of the pics on Facebook here!

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