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Artwork Approval:

Terms and conditions of the Bus shelter Advertising Agreement require you to supply the finished artwork (advertising poster) in the requested format and size 1 week prior to the scheduled commencement date, to be displayed in the Bus Shelter Panels.

The content of any advertising material must:

(a)       promote local business or other local organisations;

(b)       reflect a Wauchope and surrounding 2446 area appeal; and/  or

(c)        be of any Council or Chamber business or operational matter

Artwork copy is required to be submitted to the Wauchope Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc for approval. All artwork must be approved before the advertisement will be placed on a bus shelter.

You should be aware of the laws that govern advertising, marketing, special offers and competitions. Please visit http://www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au/ftw/Businesses/Advertising_and_marketing.page? To ensure your advertising is within these guidelines as these will be used in the approval process.

It is the advertiser’s responsibility to ensure artwork is submitted to Wauchope Chamber of Commerce a minimum of two weeks prior to the commencement date of advertising on the bus shelter to allow time for approval and printing.

The Chamber encourages advertisers to utilise a local printer who understands the required artwork specifications:

Installations, alterations, relocation and removal:

Installation or relocation, or any change to installation of advertising, and removal is charged at $50 plus GST per panel, per installation/ relocation, alteration and removal. The initial installation and removal charge will be included in your first invoice.


Cancellation of the advertising agreement can be made by the advertiser with a minimum of 2 weeks notice, in writing after the initial one month period.

The Wauchope Chamber reserves the right to cancel the advertising at any time for reasons including but not limited to complaints, inappropriate or misleading advertising and bus route changes.

Bus routes are determined by processes administered by the NSW State Government and are not in the control of the Wauchope Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc. In the case of changes to the bus routes and/ or bus shelters that affect an advertising agreement, the advertiser will be informed and any period advertising is not displayed, within the agreement term, will be not be charged.


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