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The Wauchope area was first described by the surveyor John Oxley in 1818 naming the principal river after the then Governor of India Lord Hastings. The 'rocky out crop' of Bago mountain was also described.

The stories of large cedar forests attracted the first timber cutters. Governor Macquarie established a penal settlement at Port Macquarie in 1821.The rich hinterland was divided into large estates for retiring British army and naval officers. A 767 acre portion was obtained by Captain Robert Wauch in 1836 on the King River.On this land he built his mansion 'Wauchope House' in honour of his aristocratic Scottish forefathers.

The town of Wauchope was established around 1880 when the first government wharf was constructed to ship timber and agricultural products to Sydney via Port Macquarie. Alexander Bain owned the neighbouring estate to Wauchope House, known as Yeppin Yeppin, 'large camp' in the Biripi dialect. On his estate he set aside a small parcel of land for a private village.

This village was commenced along Cameron street which was the main road from the government wharf to Kew along the old highway. Blocks went on sale in 1882 for 30 pounds. The first block sold was on the corner of High and Cameron streets.

In those days all mail went to the main estate house which had their own postal seal.Due to the fact that Wauchope House had been long established all mail and correspondence went there for redistribution. When the first post office was established in 1882 it was decided to take the old seal of Wauchope House and use the name for the new settlement.

The town grew slowly until the north coast railway came through Wauchope in 1915.This brought a huge boost to the local economy.Many of the shopkeepers from Port Macquarie and Beechwood relocated to Wauchope.The economy was further increased when a portion of Yeppin Yeppin including all of Bago mountain was sold to the forestry commission in the 1920's.

Today wauchope is a thriving country town of over 7,500 people. It has a wonderful country charm with many sporting facilities and boutique shops.Most of the major banks and real estate agents are represented.

Nestled between Bago mountain and the Hastings river it has a matchless setting.The dairy industry supports a strong local cooperative known as the Hastings Co-operative Ltd which produces award winning cheeses and yogurts.

There is a industrial estate with a large capacity for expansion, situated on the main railway corridor. Wauchope has many community events on throughout the year.

Wauchope is a great place to live and a wonderful place to visit!


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